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Alabama Will Reject Donald Trump’s Endorsement Of Roy Moore

Jerry Briant



This tweet by Donald Trump will most likely cost Roy Moore the election –

The Majority of Alabamians know Doug Jones is NOT BAD on crime.

The Majority Of Alabama Will Reject Donald Trump’s Endorsement Of Roy Moore.

According to my research and according to my calculations they all lead up to and equal one answer. That being “ Faith “.

That’s my conclusion and answer, as even I have faith in the majority of good people in Alabama to do the right thing, though other polls like on Fox News has Doug Jones ahead by up to 10 points that’s not the case with me, in fact according to my calculations it’s more reasonable to consider a 1.5 percent lead  with a Doug Jones win over Roy Moore.

More of my opinion –

If Moore Loses, in which I believe he will:

Moore’s loss will send strong signals to the GOP/Republicans that that the endorsement of accused child molesters and or accused sexual assaulters will not be tolerated in Govt.

Donald Trump’s robo calls will not be enough to stir voters to pull Moore into victory just as Trump’s endorsement of Luther Strange did very little for him as well. Strange lost to Moore after Trump’s endorement.

This will in no doubt hurt Donald Trump’s image even more to include those whom surround him and support him but more importantly the Republican Party/GOP.

I could be wrong, but I will go with my FAITH along with the majority of Alabamians.

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