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Chicago: Video Appears To Show Officer Striking Jeremiah Smith Raises Many Concerns





A recent video which has surfaced may now shed more light as to what truly happened, has now raised many concerns, the video appears to show an officer assaulting a young black man.

In an all to familiar story involving a police encounter, Jeremiah Smith plead guilty to battery to an incident which occurred in 2014, Smith is now attempting to have the plea withdrawn and thrown out after a video surfaced which differed from the officer’s statement(s).

Smith also filed a lawsuit suing the Chicago police dept. for alleged brutality.

Sources say many times a victim will take a plea deal under duress, where as an offer is made for less and or no jail time in return for a confession and or an admittance of guilt, (which is generally followed by a some sort of disclaimer that generally protects the judicial system) which many consider it to be a bribe.

Sources say, many have plead guilty because police are more so to be believed than the victim.

The conviction stats go up for the prosecutor and hence for funding is awarded to the city, state, county etc..

It’s not always about justice many sources say, it’s more so on stats and conviction rates that generate income.

My theory:

Far to often a prosecutor will read a complaint filed by an officer and determine whether or not to proceed with charges to prosecute (in most cases the officer is automatically in favor) but in recent caught on camera footages, concerns have begun to arise as to if officers should be treated such as regular citizens when filing a complaint, and if that officer can be personally sued and or held criminally liable for filing a false complaint, including those whom aide and abed. In essence many are raising their concerns on officer honesty.

Many officers across the nation have recently been indicted and or convicted for perjury, rape, theft, DUI, child porn and or sex crimes, assault, murder etc..

What’s your thought?

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