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Chuck Schumer Caves Bows Down To McConnell

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Opinion –

Its was like a slap in the face to all those whom marched over the weekend.

Just as over a half million people marched, it showed how strong they were willing to fight for their causes and stand for what they believe in.

Chuck ” The Cave ” Schumer not so much, it appeared the marching didn’t matter to much… In so that Schumer caved in for a temporary resolution.

Democrats have always been known to be strong in their beliefs and have stood their ground for their beliefs, what I saw in Schumer’s decisive move was a form of weakness.

Republicans and many around the world are laughing at him as well as I, This is not a poker game where you call someone’s bluff! It’s not a game period.

McConnell appeared to have played Schumer without any guarantees and Schumer caved in!

Call it a good heart or just plain irresponsible.

Which ever the case Schumer let a lot of people down,  whom most likely won’t forget at the polls.

They’ll be watching for what happens Feb 8th on the next vote. #NoMoreCaving

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