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CNN Says Trump’s ” Disarming” Statement A Joke




In a tweet posted by CNN – Trump jokes about disarming Hillary Clinton’s bodyguards: “Let’s see what happens to her”

Opinion –

This is the second time I have heard Trump reference weapons involving Hillary Clinton, And it should not be considered as a joke, nor taken lightly.

The secret service should look into it investigation wise and or Trump should publicly say he was JOKING!

I find it truly amazing how many anchors on CNN have a tough time getting a straight and or honest answer out of a Trump Supporter/surrogate and yet CNN Declares Trump’s recent statement as a Joke!
Was it verified as a joke?

Lately I have seen many Trump surrogates lead and or control the conversation on CNN, and it seems recurrent whether CNN is allowing this to happen for a chance of having Trump appear on their network or not it not newsworthy.

Be professional and cover the story for what it is…

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