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Cobb County: Officer Suspended After Traffic Stop Incident




Marietta, GA – Cobb County police officer Maurice Lawson has been suspended for two weeks without pay.

Lawson, is accused of using racially insensitive language during a traffic stop, involving a black male subject (Brian Baker) which was captured on video (it made national attention).

Many activists whom demanded for Lawson’s dismissal from duty as a police officer, were relieved to hear that Lawson would be suspended for 2 weeks without pay, that Lawson must attend extra training courses such as de-escalation in which he has already completed a 16-hour course, Lawson is also being scheduled for verbal defense / influence courses.

Lawson has 10 days to appeal.

According to sources, this isn’t the first complaint Lawson has faced, prior to the one above. A Female whom felt afraid (un-related) called 911 on Lawson, whom was driving an undercover car accusing him of racial profiling her according to sources.

According to sources, many activists are still concerned of liability issues if any, should a future encounter involving Lawson spark any other possible controversies.

Stay tuned should we update this further…

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