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Devin Nunes May Face A Lawsuit California Couple Says




California –

A Riverside County couple is seeking legal advice into concerns of their privacy(s) being allegedly violated by a website in which Devin Nunes appears to be associated with ” The California Republican ”  according to the sites footer page it says ” Paid for by the Devin Nunes Campaign Committee.”


The couple became concerned when they visited the website and after reviewing a few articles they became aware that there were –

  • No Terms & Conditions Page.
  • No Privacy Policy Page or Notice.
  • No Disclaimer Page.
  • No Contact Us Page.

Which according to their complaints caused them emotional distress, loss of sleep and more.

All stemming over concerned privacy issues.

We asked the couple if they attempted to contact the site manager, and were told ” there was no where on the site that indicated to place for contact “.

The couple also stated that many others shared their same concerns, that they may not be alone.

As of now the couple is preparing to file a federal lawsuit also stating that ” Ignorance is no excuse for not providing web visitors notification of their privacy policies “.

Stay tuned as we will update as soon as we hear more.

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