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Did Bernie Sanders Loose Yet Again In Another Shaun King State?

Updated: It’s Official Hillary Clinton is the Winner of Kentucky –

Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has lost in the home state of Shaun King
” Kentucky ” to Hillary Clinton?

This will be Sanders second loss in a state where King has resided, the first loss being in ” Georgia ” where King resides presently..

Sanders didn’t just loose, but lost YUGE!.

hc win goergia

As of tonight Sanders needed to win at least 67% of the remaining pledged delegates according to CNN’s John King, Sanders unofficial loss in Kentucky could prove to be even a more harder hill to climb if there’s any hill left.

King a Sanders supporter/endorser whom tweets mostly negative media not only about Clinton but also the Democratic party,.. may have only made little impact if any, some are questioning if King’s views are actually hurting Sanders campaign.

Clinton is leading Sanders by more than 3 million votes and roughly 300 delegates from the combined total of Democratic primaries and caucuses.

Un-Related –

We spoke to a former Sanders supporter whom said they once supported Sanders but after the much false propaganda and failed treatment of Clinton, that they would vote for Clinton just out of ” Spite ” and he’s not alone, that there are many other young independents that feel the same,.. the former Sanders supporter said.

My final thought –

The popular vote should be respected and honored.

Stay tuned.


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