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Did Chaffetz, Comey And Trump Inject Themselves Into A case?




Did Chaffetz, Comey And Trump Inject Themselves Into A case?

This is a developing story –

The Democratic Times has been reviewing some circumstances regarding the James Comey incident.

It is our duty to walk you through what we believe is vital in our Democracy.

Could James Comey become a Key Witness, according to a Jason Chaffetz ” Case reopened ” ?

First and foremost the keyword is ” Case reopened ” which appeared on a tweet by Jason Chaffetz (A Donald Trump Supporter), we have reviewed the letter released by FBI Director James Comey and we were unable to find anywhere in Comey’s statement the words ” Case reopened ” which suggests Jason Chaffetz may know more than what was in the letter released by Comey.

Does Chaffetz know more than the committee and or Democrats?

Three tweets where made by Chaffetz within 2 days that have raised questions –

This is Chaffetz in a tweet,. 2 days earlier –

And here’s another one –

Was Comey’s Letter a coincidence?

Note: We have not been able to confirm as to whether or not Comey, Trump and or Chaffetz had any communication prior and or after Comey’s letter was released.

It should also be noted that Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump said to a public audience while on television that The FBI has ” Reopened the case ” Where could that information had possibly come from if it was not stated in the Comey letter?
Donald Trump is also heard thanking the FBI for righting a wrong.. what wrong?

Trump has also suggested that Hillary Clinton’s emails may have possibly been found on a device suggesting that it was part of the 33,000 emails deleted. Where and who is giving Trump this information?

Trump along with Chaffetz both have claimed that a case has been “reopened” would a subpoena be reasonable should legal matters arise?

According to Yahoo News –

FBI still does not have warrant to review new Abedin emails The question now lays upon did anyone review the Emails? Before a search warrant?

Has there been communication between Comey, Trump and Or Chaffetz?

Would a committee hearing answer that?

This was Jason Chaffetz before the James Comey letter/communication

Many people are saying that Trump, Comey and Chaffetz could become key witnesses regarding the “case reopened ” should legal court proceedings arrise what do you think?

It should also be noted:

According to The Washington Times –

Former NY Attorney General and NYC Mayor Rudy Juliani was James Comey’s boss at one time, Juliani is now a major role in the Donald Trump Campaign.
Update: We are now injecting Rudy Juliani into this story now, as Juliani appears to know much about Clinton’s emails (see below)

Stay tuned were still digging..
Meanwhile keep the tips coming in..

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