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Donald Trump From Russia Back To The DOJ Just Can’t Let It Go?




It wasn’t to long ago when Donald Trump went public asking Russia for help in finding deleted emails, Now Trump is reverting back to the United States for help.

In most cases one would think that Trump’s actions should require himself to register with FARA since members of his campaign had PLENTY on contacts with Russians before, during and after the election according to reports.

Whether its an obsession and or a fetish Trump just can’t let it go many say.

This raises a lot of concerns and here’s why –

Donald Trump made a promise that he would not allow his administration to permit the AT&T Time Warner Deal!


Now This –

Justice Department sues to block AT&T-Time Warner deal

Surly if any direction came from the Trump Administration it would not be kept a secret for long, in fact Trump could be called to testify in the lawsuit.

Stay tuned.

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