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Donald Trump Wants To Be Drug Tested Before Next Debate




At a rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire Donald Trump suggested that he be drug tested prior to the next debate, also volunteering that Hillary Clinton get one too.

This coming after a numerous amounts of complaints citing that Donald Trump appeared to be stalking Clinton during the 2nd debate along with his repeated sniffling which is heard throughout the debate, it should also be noted that Trump was heard sniffling during the first debate, as well.

Many critics agree, that not only the sniffling Trump was heard making during both debates raises severe questions, but also reported remarks Trump made about Clinton’s back end during one of his rally’s.

So is Trump reaching out for help?

Does he have a problem?

Many people are saying that Trump should in fact not only take a drug test before the third and final debate, but should extend to have drug testing before all of the remainder of his rally’s as well.

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