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Many Sanders Supporters Support Donald Trump Are They Bigots?




On a New York Daily News Post:

KING: If you support Donald Trump, after all the racist things he has said, then you are a bigot as well

According to :

40 Percent of Sanders Voters Say They’ll Support Trump Over Hillary

On one hand there are many activists/bloggers smearing the democratic party in what seems to be false narratives, in what I believe! is a reverse campaign in supporting Donald Trump.

What is factual, is that Hillary Clinton is winning by the popular vote, a value I have respected all my life no matter who is winning! and yet many Sanders supporters seem so disrespectful about the will of the people.

One opinion I can state for sure is that,… the Republican party has earned more respect from me than Bernie Sanders.


Because Republicans respected the ” Will Of People ” Popular Votes, Something Sanders has yet been able to do.

That is why there is only one expected Republican nominee, the others gracefully bowed out in respect of the people and their votes.

So the big question is… are they bigots?

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