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The Media Should Stop Covering Donald Trump During The Election




My Opinion –

The Media Should Stop Covering Donald Trump During The Election until he can be more respectful, but moreso truthful.

Trump has Played the media like punks

And there’s more out there..

After all the bashing Donald Trump has said about the media,. Media outlets still suck up to him in a fashion of kissing ass.

The comes a time when the integrity and professionalism of reporting news has to come into effect, and yet media trust has not only gone down according to reports but are being criticized on a daily basis now, in part I blame those whom continue to air Trumps remarks!

Its not censorship, when your being mistreated like a little sissy, it’s about taking your business to another place where it’s well appreciated, respected and done with integrity.

Sure our duty is to cover events, but not such events that could put our safety at risk.


I have watched this man shame just about everyone who has opposed him, many people are saying.. they are waiting for a day where he may sue the wrong person and good attorneys will sit his ass up on a witness stand for a full deposition of facts, that maybe then America will get some straight forward answers.

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