Only Small And Tiny Amount Of Black Pastors Seen Supporting Trump

I gotta keep it real –

I just noticed something,.. For as long as I have been watching the campaigning of Trump, I have only seen Afro American pastors supporting Trump.

What happened to those pastors of other races?

This is not only odd to me but bizarre.

I would have to question as to why they are hanging around Trump so much, and I would most definitely question the possibilities of Donations if any are being made for their strong commitment and passion they have in the aiding of Donald Trumps campaign.

Have they endorsed Trump?

When Pastor Mark Burns was fact checked by CNN’s Victor Blackwell the aftermath in response was that Burns was a volunteer, I have yet seen Burns appear at a Trump event since then.

If no monies are being exchanged in any manner, then I think its nice for a bunch of folks to be hanging around Trump awaiting a dream.


Is Donald Trump Doing A Good Job?

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