Opinion: Eric Bradner, CNN’S Post Title On Sander May Be Misleading…

opinionIn a post titled – Sanders: Clooney is backing the wrong horse  I found it bizarre that at NO time did Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Presidential Democratic Candidate say George Clooney is backing the wrong horse, Sander simply implied with a “Well, I think he is.” in fact the statement of ” Wrong Horse ” came out of the mouth of CNN Anchor Dana Bash, and some how became twisted into a narrative which was somehow labeled on Sanders.

As I clicked on the post, the title is very different from what the post actually describes, nowhere in the article did Sanders state ” Clooney Is Backing The Wrong Horse “. other than a “Well, I think he is.”

We have added a YouTube video of the Interview, keep in mind many times when we call people out on their actions the video is usually taken down or removed.


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