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Opinion: How The Fake News Brought Michael Flynn To A Guilty Plea

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It all started with America’s Top Advocate for Fake News and Presidential Candidate Donald J Trump.

As a reporter my self, Trump’s statements made me dig into a many of his false claims even more, just like so many other responsible reporters/journalists out there, the fact checking of Trump’s statements will most likely be the fuel that could spark an impeachment process and or criminal charges which are not only limited to Trump but those in his circle as well.

According to MSN –

Flynn pleads guilty to lying to FBI, is cooperating with Mueller

According to sources: Michael Flynn has a story to tell, which could reach up to as far as some of Trump’s Family Members and not excluding Vice President Mike Pence.

As you can recall Pence –

So we will continue to follow what so many have said this to be fake news.

So I Ask?

Donald Trump, is Michael Flynn’s guilty plea ” Fake News ” ?

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