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Opinion: If Bernie Sanders Can Run Again Then So Should Hillary

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According to NewsWeek –
Bernie Sanders will Face Donald Trump in 2020 Election, Democrats Say

According to The Hill It shows Bernie Sanders as the number one contender with Joe Biden in 2nd.

This is a potential mess, and if not resolved quick and publically,. America could be facing another Republican Presidency.

To automatically assume that many of Hillary Clinton supporters will support and or vote for Sanders may signal a problem, one that Republicans will most likely pounce on, after so many negative remarks have been said about Clinton via social media, by many Trump and Sanders supporters.

It was so bad,. That for a period of time, the Clinton campaign along with many of their supporters were battling more than two fronts.

After Clinton’s win in South Carolina despite Twitter Hashtag Smears, At a time when many of Sanders supporters/non supporters and or etc.. seemed to have gone all out against Hillary Clinton, from tweeting on a smear hashtag to a disrespectful interruption at a Clinton speech.

Many Clinton supporters still remember the twitter hashtag #WhichHillary.

Many Clinton supporters still remember the many activists/bloggers/justice writers/journalists and or users whom spoke against Hillary Clinton in support of Bernie Sanders.

Many Hillary Clinton supporters have said to me.

That they believe many Sanders supporters did not opt to vote for Clinton during the Presidential election, and that favor will be returned to Sanders supporters should he decide to run and or be so fortunate to become the Presidential candidate in 2020.

Clinton led the primaries by more than 3 million votes against Sanders towards the end in 2016; what happened next is a mystery.

Were there enough votes combined between Clinton and Sanders supporters during the primaries to help lead Clinton into victory during the Presidential election?

According to those I spoke to, shared their feelings as such:

Not only where many Clinton supporters attacked on social media by many Trump supporters but were also attacked by a many of Sanders supporters.

Many will argue that Sanders campaigned in favor for Clinton after his loss in the primaries, but it came late, short and very little. Did it matter?

According to Mashable 46.9% people did not vote which raises the question as to just how many of those were Sanders supporters?

Many Clinton supporters are not easily ready to forget.

I have spoken to a many whom are already awaiting for Sanders to run, in order to return to his supporters the same favor that many of his supporters gave to Clinton during the election.

Should Sanders run, many Clinton supporters have already made up their mind not to vote for Sanders should he become the Presidential candidate.

Others have told me they are willing to vote for him during the primaries, in order to drop the ball during the election as a form of payback.

Sad? but very true.

What’s your thought?

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