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Opinion: If Only Clinton And Sanders Could Be A Team





While there are many journalists, bloggers and activists whom refuse to accept the fact, that Bernie Sanders is loosing not only by the popular vote,.. but by also pledged delegates.

On one hand Hillary Clinton leads by more than 3 Million votes and on the other hand Clinton leads by up to or more than 300 pledged delegates.

The amazing thing that I have found, is that even some activists whom supported and or endorsed Sanders in their own state didn’t indeed help Sanders win in that state, in an example: Sanders lost in the State or Georgia whom was endorsed by an activist and Sanders lost huge there.

While many spend  much time on twitter, blogs etc.. smashing, smearing, and bashing Clinton with false narratives,  the inevitable is clear and pretty straight forward, Clinton is winning.

But I like to keep things positive for both sides as I ponder what if Clinton were to ask Sanders to be Vice President?

In my opinion the fate of the Republican election would be over.

If everyone whom either supports Clinton and or Sanders would just come together as one, could you imagine for one moment how much the combined votes between the two would add too?

As a columnist it makes no difference to me whom one votes for, but I agree with many ” That I could never vote for any one person who is loosing by the majority vote .”

As I spoke to many independents under the age of 25 years, they have all told me the same.

If you have a thought I’ll end it here..

If Clinton and Sander could Join Forces it would be….

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