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Opinion: Ted Cruz Will Earn More Respect Than Bernie Sanders




Opinion: Ted Cruz Will Earn More Respect Than Bernie Sanders

And here’s why –

Ted Cruz Respected the will of the people…

Today Ted Cruz gracefully bowed out of his Republican Presidential Campaign essentially acknowledging that the will of the people have spoken

” Popular votes matter ”

Although Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders is loosing to Democratic Front runner and Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton by up to and or more than 3 Millions votes, the thought that Sanders refuses to accept the will of the people including ” The Popular Vote ” is outrageous.

Sanders continues to vow to take it to a contested convention and according to many that I have spoken to are not happy with Sanders actions.

Even if at worst, by some miracle and I mean “MIRACLE” Sanders were able to switch super delegates over to his favor, it still does not erase the fact that the will of the people have voted more so for Clinton, and Sanders whom praises equality and fairness is now showing his true colors by his actions.

What is fair about disrespecting the will of the people?

Um you tell me…

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