Paul Ryan Will Not Defend Donald Trump


According to the Wall Street Journal –

*Speaker Paul Ryan Tells GOP Lawmakers He Won’t Defend or Campaign With Trump

*Ryan Does Not Rescind Trump Endorsement

*Ryan Tells Republicans to Do “What’s Best For You” In Their Districts on Trump..

In the video Donald Trump is heard bragging about how he would grab a woman by the P##sy and so on.

Opinion –

Republicans may soon post the greatest threat in America not only to it’s citizens but to law enforcement.

And here’s why:

To condemn the actions of Donald Trumps statements, yet condone the man as a candidate, is no less than one condemning the actions of a crime while still supporting a criminal.

Many members of the GOP will be remembered in this awkward moment for future elections to come, as to whether or not their endorsement of Trump and or their silence during the Trump campaign will effect their bid for election.

Stay tuned this is still developing..



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