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Rep. Scott Taylor Shows That There Are Some Decent Republicans Left In Office

Jerry Briant



The 14-year-old girl that was there, I can tell you right now if it was my daughter, I’d break his face, I’d break his fingers, and I’d probably do a lot worse

That’s what a GOP Law maker said Rep. Scott Taylor shows that there are still some good Republicans lingering in the GOP.

Opinion –

Taylor’s remark were so on point, that if he were running for the Presidency right now I would vote for him. I don’t know of any other way a decent human being could be more straight forward.

Where we have a President who he himself has been held un-accountable for allegations of sexual assault and yet promotes another accused of child molestation.

I have always said that the Republican party is either incapable and or incompetent of holding Trump accountable for a MANY of his actions and the proof in in the putting.

What most Republicans can’t seem to comprehend is, that while they don’t serve the better part of their own Country, It is the Country before Party holding Donald Trump accountable, as his Empire continues to dwindle and take loses.

Come 2018 there will be a reckoning at the polls, America has seen enough.

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