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Republicans Bracing For A Huge Payback

It was the Tax Plan and the Fact that NO ethics investigation has been filed and or pushed into the allegations of Donald Trump’s Sexual assaults, including the one in which Trump bragged about on video.

That’s what a life long Republican told me as to why not only in the upcoming mid term elections he will not be supporting anything that has to do with Republicans, although if the Tax plan does not go through it may encourage him to vote in the mid term elections, but as far as the Presidential election fat chance he said, never again until an ethics investigation into Donald Trump is made public.

What I have found amazing is –

According to Mashable 46.9% people did not vote that’s almost half of America.

Could there be a massive Blue wave coming?

And has it already started?

One Republican has told me that they are bracing for it, and it seems logical that a many are already electing not to run again and or are resigning before that wave comes.

One things for sure Republicans have not presented anything in holding one in their party accountable and according to those I spoke to ” They are tired of it “.

2018 will be the tell all situation.


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