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TAYLORS, S.C. – Sheriff’s Statement Sparks Transparency Concerns On Shooting




According to WYFF4:

Reginald Darnell Dogan, 53  was shot by a deputy Monday night, according to Sheriff Steve Loftis.

What has many people concerned is that Loftis seemed quick to hold up a stack of files saying Dogan has a “lengthy rap sheet.”

Loftis said nothing about the history of conduct of the Officer involved in the shooting other than it was still under investigation and that the officer whom fired the weapon was on a normal administrative leave.

What has people even more concerned is the speedy accusations of Dogan’s criminal history, and yet no history on the officer involved in the shooting.

Many say Loftis seems biased and unfair to the Dogan, citing that transparency is such a tall ladder when dealing with many law enforcement agencies.

The question now lays upon, should the case go to a trial, will the narration change?

My final thought:

Law Enforcement should not release the history of an individual unless they are willing to be transparent by releasing the history of the officer(s) involved, it seems rigged to me! especially when everyone in the community has probably either read and or heard of Loftis claim on Dogan’s criminal  past  which could make it a lil more difficult in getting a fair trial.

Stay tuned.

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