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Was Trump Secretly Planted In The Republican Party By Democrats?




That’s a questions I’m asked far too many times…

It is widely known that Donald Trump was once a Democrat also the hiring of Mike Flynn as his National Security Adviser whom was also a Democrat along with according to sources not only does Trump have former Democrats on his staff but some family members and or associates as well.

One of the greatest questions that was asked to me today was, Is it possible that Trump may have been secretly planted in the Republican party to tear it down?

If so it could take decades to repair.

As others face ethics investigations for alleged sexual abuse I find it strange how the Democrats push and discipline those of their own party, but on Trump not so much.

While a majority of Republicans just turn the cheek.

With so many allegations of broken promises and lies, most Republican voters just love it, one told me!

It doesn’t matter what Trump Accomplishes as long as he keeps telling me what I want to hear,.. And I’m ok with.

And that is why Democrats are not pushing so hard on Trump another said…

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