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Shaun King a Bernie Sanders Supporter appears to have attempted to defend the pure fact of Bernie Sanders vote on the crime bill, a bill in which Sanders voted for by his own free will and his vote may have in addition possibly affected the lives and families of thousands, hundreds of thousands and or even millions across America.

Many have said, ” The weakness of many protestors have given Sanders a pass “.. without asking why?


Hummm: Everyone that I know! only votes for issues they support, regardless of their excuses afterwards they voted!
Their Vote Counted and made the difference and that’s what mattered.

Two minutes that you MUST watch.Stop saying that Bernie Sanders was for the crime bill. He spoke over and over and…

Posted by Shaun King on Thursday, February 25, 2016

King states in his tweet ” Here he is, calling it what it really was, a punishment bill, that came after poor people and Black folk

My question: if Sanders truly felt that way, then why did Sanders vote for the bill?

Another question I have is, why has any protestor not confronted Sanders on that issue as they have when disrupting Hillary Clinton at her speech? like in the Ashley Williams incident?


A photo appears to show Williams along with Dr. Cornel West ( A Sanders Supporter) earlier to her disrupting Clinton’s speech.

So here’s an unrelated thought:

Lets see if Sanders is a Truth Teller or an Excuse giver?
Here Sanders agrees he’s meeting with the Pope..

What will Sanders Excuse be should he not meet with the Pope?

Recent tweets raise questions:

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